There are no words nor photos that can express the beauty of this place. Hotel de Plantage is a calm oasis hidden in the forest right beside the vibrant and bustling city of Paramaribo. The Hotel owes half of its charm to Peiter- the owner and the heart and soul of the property. In love with the nature, constantly curious and truly knowledgeable- Peiter taught us things so interesting, useful and surprising, we couldn’t get enough of it.

The restaurant serves delicious food prepared with local fruits and vegetables, some of them coming straight from hotel’s vast garden. Don’t miss the chance to eat their ginger-spiced fish cooked in a banana leaf or an extraordinary arrowleaf elephant ear soup. All guests can enjoy their meals while watching from very close the Capuchin Monkeys which visit the Hotel’s grounds on daily basis.

Visitors spend their nights in lovely little huts positioned all over the 11 hectare property. There is nothing better than having a morning cup of coffee in a hammock and enjoying the sunrise in the garden.

In the very center of the whole property you can find a big and beautiful swimming pool with sunbeds and straw umbrellas to relax on a hot day.

If you wish to, you can have a walk in the jungle together with Peiter, who gladly and free of charge explains all the mysteries of the forests and like no one else spots sloths having their meals on the highest trees.

There are places which can’t be compared to any luxurious hotel, a five-star experience and an expensive resort; places that leave you breathless without high-priced facilities and extraordinary attractions. There are irreplaceable and unique places ran by beautiful people. Hotel de Plantage is surely one of them.

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We are Marta and Ben, a Polish-German couple currently traveling the world. We’ve met last year, both with specified and fixed plans, following two different paths. And even though it seemed impossible, we decided to be together against all (so many!) odds. Since then we travel together, share big and small dreams, live great moments and face troubles. We laugh loud and argue loud, we cry, smile, party and have fun together each day. We live in constant need to visit new places. We share the urge to discover, learn and understand new cultures, traditions and customs. We crave to see all world’s wonders. We want to meet beautiful people and get to know their stories. We would like to listen to local music, taste delicious food, swim in different seas and sleep under different skies. We wish to speak various languages but sometimes just stay speechless. We want an adventure. Our dream and plan is to travel from Argentina to Alaska on a tandem bicycle and visit all the countries of South, Latin and North America. This means that we are going to cover the distance of 30 000 km in three years time.

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