Kayaking is a wonderful way to experience nature in its purest form and work out at the same time- a combination we appreciate a lot. During our daily cycling rambles, we don’t use our upper bodies much. Therefore we grabbed the chance without hesitation to do some cross sport.

Thanks to the Loca Pirogue team who equipped us with a tandem kayak and all the necessary gear, we were able to pedal, this time using our arms, up and down a creek through the jungle.
The change was even more exciting due to the reason that we were able to switch places and enjoy the trip from different perspectives (especially for Marta who sat now in front).

The jungle in French Guyana is certainly a great place to wonder around the rivers, streams and lakes to admire the wildlife. Kayaking through the vast rainforest and admiring various kinds of nature, animals + remote wilderness is an experience everyone should seek for. It is also a wonderful physical exercise and a great to work on your teamwork. It’s hard to explain how extraordinary the feeling is to pedal up a forest creek in the pouring rain and to love every moment of it. We really recommend to everyone to try this way of exploring nature. In fact we encourage you to try kayaking anywhere. It’s a wonderful, fun and very interesting way to spend time with family, friends or your partner. It’s incredible how fulfilling one day of kayaking can be and what great memories and achievements it can bring along. Do it- it’s regrets-proof!




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