Hotel Les Palmistes is a real highlight of our stay in Cayenne. This beautiful, colonial building located right in the heart of the city is a real jewel of capital’s architecture. Tastefully restored, with beautiful wall paintings in the garden, it attracts many people eager to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this place. Les Palmistes, thanks to their restaurant, is full of life at any time of the day. Guest enjoy spending time in hotel’s front terrace overlooking the main square and street. Visitors spend afternoons over coffee, fresh juices and cocktails.

If you want to have a dinner at Les Palmistes don’t come too late. The place is totally filled with people waiting for their absolutely delicious meals. Don’t think twice and order their incredible seafood! We couldn’t get enough of it and we are sure you won’t as well!

If you don’t feel like it, the other great choice would be their home made pizza. You can follow the whole preparation process as the stove and a cook’s working space are the integrated part of the dining room. Enjoy traditional Italian flavours or choose local specialities with creamy French cheeses. The mouth watering prune and goat cheese pizza was incredibly tasty so we encourage everyone to discover new flavours.

Our room was simply beautiful. It had nothing to do with most of the hotel rooms we stayed in which, frankly speaking, all look the same. No, this one had a charm and class. With a balcony overlooking the main square, wooden floors and beautiful furniture, the room was simply astonishing.

We enjoyed every aspect of our stay in Les Palmistes- the food, the staff, our great room and the atmosphere of the place. All together it makes the hotel remarkable and surely our favourite place to stay while visiting Cayenne.

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  1. seria bueno, que desde sus publicaciones, los comentarios y las historias de su viaje, se pudieran leer en varios idiomas.


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