5 reasons why bike touring is better than any other way of traveling

a bicycle rider couple kissing next to a tandem bicycle at a mountain lake

1. You have total control over your journey.

Have you ever been in the bus or hitchhiking, saw a beautiful beach through the window and wished to take a swim in the sea but you couldn’t? Have you ever thought of going somewhere without a plane or some sort of schedule but never really had the chance to? Well, we did a lot of hitchhiking and walking and decided to change it. Now we are more flexible. If we feel like taking a 70 km detour to see the city of Bruges- we do it. When we want to climb 8 mountain passes in 3 days- we go for it. Or when we just want to call it a day and take a rest- we stop, regardless of where we are. On a bike you are free-er, not limited by time tables, you move in the right pace and don’t depend on other people. That is what we love and treasure most about bike touring.


2. You travel the world without spending much money.

That’s another great thing about traveling by a bicycle. You move around and you don’t have to pay much for it! No tickets, no petrol, just your legs pushing the pedals.


3. You stay fit.

Talking about pushing the pedals: for us it’s very important to stay in good shape. We sincerely missed jogging, gym and cycling when we were still hitchhiking. Since we have our tandem we don’t have to worry about that at all. Now workout is a part of our daily routine.


4. Everyday is all you can eat” day.

Third serving of pasta? Fifth piece of baklava? Yes, please! While bike touring we burn so many calories that our diet is the last of our concerns. We can go crazy on food every day and still not gain any weight.




5. The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Nothing feels better than reaching a mountain top using only your own strenght. Nothing sounds better than the cheering of tens of people on racing bikes climbing alongside you. There is no day like the one when you come back home after a long bike journey. Traveling by bike makes you proud of yourself. And that is the best feeling in the world.


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