The Tandem Ramble constantly undertakes new adventures and challenges. We are traveling non stop and work hard to keep you updated on our blog and social media profiles.

Like our project? Want to help us? Anyone willing to support The Tandem Ramble can click the PayPal Donate button at the bottom of this website or use a bank transfer.

Benjamin Nerding
Bankleitzahl 70110088
Iban De25 70110088 3065 0394 49


During our journeys we unremittingly fight cold and hot climates, snow, brutal sun, wind and rain. For that reason we always need and seek the best equipment available which endures the hardest conditions and the trial of the time. We are happy and proud to cooperate with one of the best brands and manufacturers currently present on the market. Nevertheless, because of the frequency of our adventures and a huge variation of weather circumstances we find ourselves in, we remain in constant need of cycling equipment and clothing as well as professional photography tackle. It’s of a high priority for us to preserve memories of our journeys in the best possible quality and to share them with all our followers, family and friends.

We invite all the brands interested in a cooperation to contact us via e-mail, phone or our social media profiles.

We are incredibly thankful to everyone supporting our project!


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