Pedra Alta is one of the best restaurants we have ever visited. As a part of a chain of 16 restaurants located in France and Portugal, it represents the highest standard of the food business. The owner together with his devoted staff makes this place unique and cares about every guest. One could without hesitation say that they cook as they would for their family. It’s an absolute heaven for sea food lovers. Not only we didn’t know that so many kinds of shrimps, mussels and clams existed, but we would never expect to find them that fresh and delicious in the suburbs of Paris.
The location of Pedra Alta is another proof that the good food doesn’t need a fancy address to attract people. The restaurant can be found 3 km away from the Orly Airport, right next to the highway in a pretty unattractive neighborhood. Yet, it is hard to find a free table there even on week days! We were very lucky to get one and after a three-hour feast we left barely moving but as happy as well fed people can be.
Words can’t describe the taste of the food in Pedra Alta and only pictures can show the huge portions served by their kitchen.
If you are still hesitating if that’s a place for you… well just look at those oysters!


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