We had the chance to visit one of the escaperooms in Poland which we recommend with all our heart to everyone visiting Poznan. The Bunkier is a place ran by young passionate people full of energy and great ideas. The Escape Rooms are located in the middle of the city in an old bunker. The place is huge and has an unmistakable atmosphere of mystery. That together with great imagination of the owners makes this place remarkable.

These days The Bunkier offers three different escape rooms, all of them with great background stories. We had a chance to try two of them- The Gilly Project and The Lost Officer.

Entering the first one you get to know a devastating story. Children are being kidnapped all over the city and vanish without a trace. Despite of feeling fearful you are trying your best to protect your family- but your daughter disappears as well. The police is not much of help so you start your own investigation. It leads you to an old chemical factory in the city centre. One night, out of pure desperation and armed with only flash lights you enter the place to face the evil waiting there and to save your child.

Pretty great, right? And it gets only better!

The plot of the second room happens during the World War II. You are in a German bunker somewhere at the front lines. All of a sudden things start to get weird. Walking through the dark corridors you can hear terrifying songs coming out of nowhere together with constant shooting noise.

There are mysterious balls of light looming in empty rooms, people are living in fear.

One day, out of nowhere, one of the officers vanishes into thin air together with two eccentric businessmen. It’s your task to find them. The truth you eventually discover will change you forever.

We don’t think there is a need to advertise The Bunkier even more after you’ve read the rooms description. It really is as good as it sounds. Don’t hesitate to give it a try if you have the chance!

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