Go and explore the street food in Trinidad and Tobago, which is simply amazing. The best place to do so is the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain, where the annual carnival is held. I can not possibly mention all the foods. But here are a few mentions, which you should certainly try during your stay. I would recommend you doubles. It is a typical Trinidadian snack made with fried bread filled with curried chickpeas. Pickled pig feet (also known as Souse), pigtail, chicken feet, and cow heel are among some of the things you might also want to try. Those foods originated back in the day when leftovers were given to slaves.


The evening with my street food guide Afiya  from InSeason Tours I had pineapple chow, pig food souse, Geera pork, cow heel soup. To see more of Trinidadian delicacies, check out their Instagram

The quality of the local sweets and many foods, as well as beverages you find in the supermarket, are fantastic.




The different cultures and nations all brought their food along to the island. The biggest influence on the food culture is due to the Indians. Thus you will find plenty of Indian foods with a Caribbean touch like Buss up shut paratha roti. If you go time you can go to Mount St. Benedict Monastery, which is a beautiful spot in the hills. There you can enjoy all kinds of self-made yogurts.




The absolute highlight was Harry’s punch which is located downtown of Port of Spain. I had a sea moss shake with bois bande, granola, and glucose. He also does shake with fig, beetroot, soursop, and pumpkin.