Hotel Kransnapolsky is located downtown Paramaribo and attracts all the tourists with a vast offer of luxurious facilities. Guests can enjoy the finest drinks in hotel’s two bars, one right at the lobby and the second one by the swimming pool. It would be a big mistake not to mention that the swimming pool is located at the third floor at the terrace and overlooks the city’s panorama.
There is nothing better than having a delicious breakfast with omelets and eggs prepared specially to every guest’s likings at the outdoor terrace when the city is waking up. We enjoyed immensely having our morning coffee there and found it a perfect start to a day.
The restaurant serves delicious dishes every night and we were never disappointed. The food is both local and international so everyone can find something for themselves.
Our room on the fifth floor of the building was tastefully designed and spacious. Like in every other room, there was a coffee machine which is always a big advantage. We recommend it to those traveling for business and all the tourists seeking for a bit of luxury during their holidays.

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