Dorado Casa Envigado is a small pleasant place south of the center of Medellin. It is located in a calm neighborhood which makes it a perfect place to relax. It is also a perfect spot if you are preparing to leave Medellin and, like us, head south in search for a new adventure.

The hostel is small and it certainly is a big advantage. Thanks to that, the atmosphere there is very homy and very friendly. The owner is a lovely and kind person who made us feel at home. During our stay there Marta was terribly ill, but the care and help of the owner made her feel better really quick.

Our room was bright, with a big and comfortable bed. The kitchen was fully equipped so we could prepare our meals there and eat it in a spacious common area. There is a big TV to chill out and relax and even a stationary bike if you need some sports while watching your movies.

We had a very pleasant stay in Dorado Casa Envigado and we recommend it all travelers!

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