Just look at those pictures! Who would have said no to a swim in these pools during a hot day? California Resort located 25 km from Pristina is an extraordinary place on Kosovo’s hotels map. Every day it attracts hundreds of thirsty of fun people and accommodates those who want to relax, like us, during their journey through the Balkans.

We had an opportunity to spend one night in one of the bungalows available for guests and ejnoy swimming pools, slides and shaded rooftops stuffed with comfy sunbeds.

At the sunset, when all the children were too tired after a crazy day in water, California Restort became a quiet, peaceful place perfect for chilling out with friends, barbecue in front of a bungalow and long night talks.

Surrounded by the nature, wooden bungalows were a great spot to relax before hitting the road again. We took a great rest there and we recommend it everyone passing by this part of Kosovo.