There is no doubt that travelling by an air plane can be stressful. Especially when you have a two and a half meter bike to pack and transport to the airport. In these situations it is very important to stay in a place where you can rely on staff’s professionalism and help. Kyriad Orly Hotel is surely one of these hotels. It spared us a lot of nerves to stay with them. We could count on staff’s support and understanding. They kindly let us build the bike box in their conference room and even lend us their own tools to make our lives a bit easier. We were relieved to know about hotel’s airport shuttle bus and gladly used that service. Staying there we had enough time to prepare ourselves and the tandem for the journey and do it without breakdowns and major stress. We can’t be more thankful about that.

First and foremost the biggest advantage of Kyriad Hotel is the location. It takes only 10 minutes to arrive with their bus at the Orly Airport. The rooms are comfortable and modern, with big screen TVs, extra coffee to wake you up and clean, new bathrooms.

Before setting off every guest can enjoy a delicious breakfast with fresh croissants, pain au chocolat and a variety of bread together with different cheeses, eggs and fruits. We couldn’t get enough of their frozen yoghurt served with a choice of sweet sauces, muesli and nuts.

We can honestly recommend Kyriad Orly Hotel to all travellers. You can definitely count on their kind and professional staff and that, everyone will surely agree, is priceless during a stressful journey.

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