During our journeys we find ourselves spending nights in the most extraordinary conditions. In fact we have already slept in an iron train wagon in Mauritania,graveyards, at police stations,squats, monasteries, churches or in a bamboo house on the beach. Spending the night in a tent when the temperature dropped below zero degrees wasn’’t the most pleasant experience, however always a doable thing. None of these situations were really life threatening to us because we were prepared, physically as well as mentally, for all sorts of emergencies.

While traveling, one has to be ready for any kind of situation and strange sets of circumstances. It is crucial to stay focused and understand when it is time to act in order to stay safe. There is no room for panic, erratic behavior or shyness. If the situation requires seeking help of other people, one should without hesitation ask for it.

This part of our blog is devoted to all accommodation tips and advice we have for those who plan their own travels.  We share with you all the experiences gathered throughout our years on the road. This section concerns not only camping hints but also recommends hotels and hostels as well as other accommodation possibilities. This part of our blog will hopeful make your travels safer,more comfortable and more interesting.

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