Marta and Ben, a Polish-German couple. We’ve met in May 2014, both with their own plans, following two different paths. Even though it seemed impossible, we decided to be together; against many odds. Till November 2018 we have been traveling together, shared big and small dreams, lived great moments and faced troubles together. We laughed loud and argued plenty, cried at times, smiled, partied and had fun together each day.


Together we lived in a constant need to visit new places. We shared the urge to discover, learn and understand new cultures, traditions, and customs. We craved to see all the world’s wonders. We wanted to meet beautiful people and get to know their stories. We liked to listen to local music, tasted delicious food, swam in different seas and slept under different skies. We wished to speak various languages but sometimes just stay speechless. We wanted a life full of adventures.


Our dream and plan were to travel across the Atlantic on a sailboat to South America and cycle from Patagonia to Alaska by tandem, hopefully visiting all the countries in South, Central, and North America en route. This means that we were going to cover a distance of more than 45 000 km in three years time.


We’ve created this profile to write about our adventures, share the experience and traveling tips, publish videos and photos. We wanted it to be not only a way to keep our families and friends updated, but also a reliable and solid source of information for a wider audience, especially other travelers, bloggers, and globetrotters. We hope that you will find our site useful and entertaining. Enjoy!