I was born in 1987 in Landau in der Pfalz/Germany, a lovely town surrounded by vineyards and forest, located in the southwest of the country. I used to be a member of the youth scouts with whom I undertook my very first journeys and adventures.

The biggest passion from my early childhood until now is sports. I started playing basketball at the age of 8. Later on in the age of 16, I started running middle distances (800m and 1500). However, the distances in which I competed were getting longer and longer and I finally ended up doing a marathon (2h45) and  Ironman triathlon in a respective time of under 10 hours. I love extreme sports. I did skydiving, I competed in a 12-hour swim contest which I completed with 30 Km, did stunt flying, climbing and much more…..
I finished my education as a plumber in 2011 and decided to travel through the Alps in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to do something a bit different and keep myself in shape. I am still not sure how it happened but I think the travel bug got into me and I started hitchhiking towards Istanbul. The fact that I have never done anything similar to that brought me to the awareness that there would be a dramatic change following soon.

After hitchhiking to almost all European countries

I decided to spend the winter in Morocco. I got stuck in Morocco for 1,5 years and experienced the most intense adventures and culture shock in my life! I love Morocco from the bottom of my heart and I am very thankful for each day I spent in this wonderful country!

Later on, after traveling again a bit through Europe and northern Africa, I moved on to the middle east and Caucasus. After hitchhiking in the wintertime through Russia I traveled to Poland and started traveling with Marta for a couple of months.

Afterward, we move to Spain for 4 months together in order to take a deep breath after being on the road non-stop for 4 years, making a bit of money and planning upcoming adventures. At the end of 2015, we eventually hitchhiked from Belarus to Guinea-Bissau. Before heading to the Americas we successfully complete an 8000 km tandem journey through the north of Europe, which was totally amazing!

One of the most important people in my life, my brother, told me once:
If you have a standard life every day is sort of OK or sort of bad. The peaks are as high as you measure it in scale. But if you live a bit crazier you get higher great times and lower bad times. It is just a matter of your own choice. Gotta think about it and then decide!

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